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Originally an 1890 land-grant institution, today North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is heavily focussed on delivering research excellence across a range of areas, including agriculture, engineering, natural and physical sciences, and education. The institution offers 30 master’s degree programs and 9 doctoral degree programs. Researchers at North Carolina A & T also work closely with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Education, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

With a significant output of research, it was unsurprising that the institution began to look for a solution to streamline their dissertations and theses handling, and towards the middle of 2012, made the decision to join ProQuest’s dissertations publishing program.

“Prior to joining ProQuest we were, by and large, handling our documents in-house, through our library archive system,” said Ayanna Boyd-Williams, Assistant Dean at the University. “This was just not the most efficient way of really getting our students work the broadest exposure, so we began talking with Marlene Coles at ProQuest and exploring their system. I don’t really know what took us so long!”

Prior to joining the dissertations publishing program, students at the institution would bring in multiple hard copies of their documents for staff to review. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface of the ProQuest Electronic Theses and Dissertations Administrator Tool, dissertations and theses can now be easily submitted, cutting back on administrative time by staff and saving students many hours of collating paper copies of all their research.

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29 Jul 2014

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