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Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) has been ranked in the top five percentile of all U.S. Institutions for Research by the Carnegie Foundation, and has had higher and higher admissions ratings throughout the years.  Their need to organize their dissertations and theses (11 colleges’ worth of 70 master’s degree programs, and 31 PhD programs) in an easy and efficient system was serious business.

So since 2005, SIUC has worked with ProQuest to archive, publish, and disseminate dissertations and theses in a system that is easy and convenient way. ProQuest was founded in 1938 on the premise that these important works should not be lost to history in print archives or made available to only a select few.

ProQuest provides SIUC the ETD Administrator (electronic theses and dissertations) program for students and administrators who need to access these documents. It was built to effectively eliminate any external costs that use to arise with print copies, such as printing, shipping, locating missing documents, and collaboration issues. Students can be anywhere in the world and submit their works to the appropriate staff member with ease. From there, the staff member can check the work at their convenience, from their location.

The university highly recommends that schools that have not made the switch to ProQuest, to do it soon.

To read the entire case study, click here.

06 May 2014

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