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ProQuest Books In Print is proud to announce the option for an International and Domestic Barcode Login, which provides library users (patrons) access to Books In Print by using a Library Card Barcode number.

Libraries with IP access that have a site account subscription to Books In Print (for either U.S. or global edition) will be able to use this function.

This new function will allow the library user to access Books In Print to research titles, read reviews, author notes, summaries, and first chapters, and the ability to purchase a title through Bookwire (if the library wishes to do so).

This new functionality does not connect to the library’s catalog, but patrons can search a title for information or purchase it, or search for it later in their library’s collection.

To set up Books In Print for library user access, please download here: How-To Instructions.

30 Apr 2014

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