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I firmly believe that customers assess vendors/organizations with X-RAY VISION. In every instance that a customer engages with any member of an organization, its product, visits the website or even reads a blog post published by the organization, the customer forms or re-enforces a view of that vendor, based on THEIR knowledge and perception. THEIR EXPERIENCE.

Experience by definition is “practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity.” And it is directly affected by perception. Experiences cannot be sold, they can only be lived.

So how can any organization that generates its revenue through selling products and providing services create a great customer experience? With INHERENT TRANSPARENCY.

A customer’s perception of an organization is not formed simply on what an organization markets itself to be.  The goal of marketing strategy is to capture a customer’s attention; the perception is then formed by the customer’s experience OF the organization from that point forward, including what others have to say about the organization based on THEIR EXPERIENCE.

In order to create a superior customer experience, an organization must identify, own and display their authentic culture; the way it conducts itself, the way it behaves, operates and executes internally, must be completely transparent to the customer externally. It is simply not possible to hide behind a logo, business card a brand or a suit. You could say that the customer knows you ‘outside in.’ This notion is very much aligned to the ProQuest Values, which ensure the Vision of the organization, and are consistent throughout—inherently transparent.

In this series, over the next few posts, I will be covering what it takes to be INHERENTLY TRANSPARENT.  Some of the topics discussed, among others, will include areas such as Trust, Integrity, Credibility, and Customer Focus.

So keep an eye on this blog!

Jason Leadley PhD
Sr Director, Customer Experience and Service

04 Nov 2014

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