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Cited in 30,000 dissertations and theses since 2000, from Beijing to Bangalore, graduate works spanning 40 countries have referenced The New York Times in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database — citing critical findings from its pages on topics as diverse as music, management, anthropology, computer science, military history, plus others.

Researchers worldwide turn to the ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ ̶  The New York Times with Index for the definitive record of the day, plus the extra contextual material of photos, advertisements, announcements, cartoons, reviews, editorials, and letters that lead to fresh insights. Join ProQuest for a free webinar where we will discuss America’s Newspaper of Record: The Value to Researchers of the Historical New York Times.

In this session, you will hear Scott Shultz (ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ Publisher, ProQuest) share why so many faculty, students, and general researchers turn to ProQuest’s Historical New York Times for their research, and how Flow™, our new cloud-based research management and collaboration solution, is helping users of ProQuest’s Historical New York Times enjoy a further streamlined and productive research experience.

Register today to hear how ProQuest is simplifying research that benefits users and librarians!

What: America’s Newspaper of Record: The Value to Researchers of the Historical New York Times
When: Thursday, September 25, 4:00 pm ET (1:00 pm PT)

12 Sep 2014

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