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If you are a library or information science instructor, we know you work hard to prepare effective lesson plans and engaging lectures.  However, sometimes it is nice to take a break and let someone else do the talking!

A guest presenter can offer a fresh perspective and get your students thinking critically about issues facing library and information science today.  Plus, many of our Training and Consulting Partners also hold advanced degrees in library science.  If one of these topics sparks your interest, contact to request a presentation!

1 – Working Effectively with Vendors
What really happens during a sales visit?  What is the sales process like?  What does a licensing agreement look like?  What’s with all those different pricing models?  Why are the products so expensive?  Most of all, how can libraries work with vendors as business partners rather than business adversaries? While it may seem self-serving for a vendor to tackle these questions, see for yourself why a former collections librarian said she “found the presentation to be balanced, honest and informative -- with five years of collections work under my belt, I still learned quite a lot!”  This presentation is ideal for courses in Collection Management or Collection Development.

2 – Careers in Electronic Publishing
Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a vendor?  We consistently hear from LIS faculty who tell us that their students are completely unaware of the wide variety of careers available in librarianship. ProQuest hires more than 150 individuals a year with library degrees, in a variety of roles, around the world.  In this presentation, learn about their varied careers and whether working for a vendor might be a good fit for you – a great supplement to introductory courses in library or information science.

3 – Marketing Online Resources
It’s hard enough to promote a library’s physical holdings and programs, but how do you drive users to your electronic resources?  What is the difference between a brand and a logo?  What is the biggest marketing mistake people make?  Learn techniques to break down the marketing process and see examples that leverage social media and partnerships with other groups in the organization and community. This presentation opens with a fun interactive exercise about the power of branding and will give students tools to drive usage of online resources.

4 – The Art of Wrangling E-Resources
As more content moves to digital formats, managing vast and varied collections becomes ever more challenging.  This presentation offers data management strategies for the digital age, but we think this comment sums it up best:

“You were able to cover so many of the topics that are essential to my course in Serials and Electronic Resources, with details that would have been impossible for me to effectively convey to my students on my own. I especially appreciated that you shared your experiences in librarianship, your close work with librarians, and your work within a library services company. It was a nice balance of perspectives overall: historical context, data management strategies, and the different needs of users (search/retrieve) and librarians (manage/instruct). I learned a lot, and I’m sure that my students did as well.”
- Susan Rathbun-Grubb
Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science
University of South Carolina

5 – Choose Your Own Adventure! (Product Training and More)
The ProQuest Graduate Education Program offers complimentary access to more than 100 different databases and tools for use in library or information science instruction.  LIS faculty can request to enroll in the GEP, where membership includes complimentary training.  Our Training and Consulting Partners can show students in Online Searching how to stack commands and manipulate search sets on the ProQuest platform.  They can demonstrate field searching, proximity and logical operators, truncation, wildcards, and more.  

Evaluating periodicals with, or books with Global Books in Print, are great options for Collection Development courses.  Students in Advanced Reference and Government Documents courses will benefit from learning about our Government and Primary Source Collections, including ProQuest Congressional, ProQuest Legislative Insight, and the wide variety of statistical resources such as the Statistical Abstract of the US and Statistical Abstract of the World.


We will happily customize any of these presentations to fit your course content and syllabus.  Many of these were born out of requests from LIS instructors, so if you have an idea for a presentation, let us know!  Contact us at to request a session or share your ideas.

21 Oct 2014

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