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Research shows that more than 75% of global business faculty rely upon seven crucial sources beyond journal articles in the research process.

There are always questions about who is using library resources and how they fit into the research process. To ensure ProQuest products are meeting library and end user needs, we surveyed business faculty and PhD students, and had more than 500 responses from every region of the globe. What we learned was that in addition to scholarly journals, these researchers use a wide range of materials to find the right information for their needs – whether it’s conducting a comprehensive literature review or finding a relevant and interesting research topic, both of which are necessary to their ultimate goal of being published.

Researchers confirmed that the 2-3 years it takes articles to get published means the scholarly journal – although authoritative – may not provide the most current view of scholarship in their area of interest. For currency and comprehensiveness, other scholarly materials such as working papers, conference proceedings, and dissertations were used by 80%-90% of respondents. Raw data and news also figured very highly, at 83% and 78% respectively, and books are also still very important, with 95% claiming they use printed books, 71% using ebooks. More detail on this survey is available in our whitepaper.

To tailor our information solutions to teaching faculty, librarians, and student end users, we also monitor programs and curricula. A recent example of this is our MBA Course Trends whitepaper.

So what can you expect from ProQuest as a result of all this research?

• Ongoing efforts to a license a broad range of content in products, such as ABI/INFORM and ProQuest Central, that meet the needs of end users and offers libraries value for their budget.

• New products such as ProQuest International Datasets or Statistical Abstracts of the World.

• New workflow tools and services designed for the student and researcher (RefWorks Flow) and librarian (Video Curation Service).

Product support such as LibGuides, videos, and training.

Our research findings and related product developments were recently presented in a webinar hosted by ACRL/Choice.

23 Sep 2013 | Posted by Shannon Janeczek

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