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Many communities and potential employers understand what a valuable resource the public library is to individuals who are unemployed.

One main reason is that those without home computers can use the library’s computers free of charge. There they can find online links to the most current job openings, and discover online resume workshops and career databases.

“Last year over 30 million job seekers used public library computers for employment-related activities, including looking for jobs, working on resumes, and completing applications. However, public library services are not limited to finding and applying for jobs - they also offer resources and training intended to help patrons improve their job qualifications.” *

Although computers may be the main draw, the library staff also provides their expertise: recommending helpful resources on developing resumes, honing interview skills, and helping job seekers learn new techniques in securing a job.

Other resources in the community—such as the local chamber of commerce, community colleges, economic development leaders, and others focused on the community’s economic health—likewise may not know that the local public library is a potential partner to finding people to fill jobs. Other community organizations can help the public library leverage resources, create efficiencies, and boost impact as well – but only if these partners know about the library and how they can work together.

ProQuest has been an avid public library advocate for many years, and has several resources available for job seekers. Here is a selection of additional career references:

-- Crisis in Employment – A Librarian’s Guide to Helping Job Seekers

-- ProQuest Career and Technical Education

-- The top 75 websites for your career (Forbes)

*From the Information Policy and Access Center website: “Employment and Public Libraries”

05 May 2013 | Posted by Shannon Janeczek

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