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Serials Solutions is committed to providing a strong foundation for our discovery and management solutions with the most comprehensive and accurate data in the industry – by leveraging our own proprietary systems, relying upon our dedicated staff, and collaborating with our clients and partners. Here are the latest updates to our knowledgebase:

Serials Solutions Knowledgebase Updates

We continue to add to, modify and enrich our knowledgebase. Clients can learn more details about the changes through the links below:

Clients can also access a list of only e-books databases within KnowledgeWorks, a historical list of changes to databases and providers, and lists of all providers and databases in KnowledgeWorks through the Support Center.

Content Recently Indexed in the Summon® Service

In the past month we’ve indexed content from around the world including British standards, metadata for Japanese medical journal articles and Polish e-book records..

  • From BiblioLabs, metadata for approximately 13,600 archival books in the BiblioBoard Library collections including Folk and Americana, Artifacts of History, Spanish Language and Literature, African American History, Military History, Women’s Studies, BiblioBoard Core and the British Library module.
  • Over 48,000 metadata records and almost 46,000 PDFs from the British Standards Institute included in British Standards Online (BSOL), a bibliographic, citation and full-text database of British and adopted European international standards.
  • Several resources from Chadwyck-Healey including approximately 250 records from The Annual Register, more than 45,880 records from the Colonial State Papers and more than 18,100 records from The Gerritsen Collection.
  • More than 9,450 ebooks from Emerald.
  • Almost 4,006,000 records ECONIS—the online catalog for the German National Library of Economics—Leibniz Information Centre for Economics—which includes books and journals from the fields of economics, business studies and business practice. In addition, ECONIS lists articles from journals or compilations.
  • From GESIS, part of the Leibniz Gesellschaft, a well-established society for Social Sciences in Germany, more than 43,110 records from SOFIS – Social Science Research Information System which contains descriptions of planned, on-going and completed (in the last 10 years) research projects from the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Ichushi-Web from the Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JAMAS) which contains bibliographic information and abstracts of articles in more than 2,400 Japanese journals on medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy from 1987. Almost 7,810,000 records covering physiology, biochemistry, clinical medicine, nursing, and social medicine.
  • Oxford University Press resources include more than 18,800 records from the American Dictionary of National Biography Online, more than 53,000 records from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online and 124,350 records from the UK Who’s Who.
  • Metadata for 119 titles from TannerRitchie Publishing who provides an extensive range of rare historical titles used by researchers, historians and genealogists around the world.
  • More than 4,375 Polish ebook records from Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN SA, one of the largest scientific publishers in Poland and an owner of the digital platform IBUK which serves more than 90 academic universities and public libraries.
  • More than 38,00 records in the DOE Green Energy (R&D Results) open access collection from the US Department of Energy-OSTI.

Summon® clients can stay updated on all releases, enhancements and newly indexed content through the Support Center.

Updates to Ulrich’s

The world's most authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information for serials, and the most comprehensive source of print and electronic serials data available, continues to expand. Here are the latest updates, across 105,526 (active) and 64,692 (inactive) Publisher/Provider authority records, and 977 Subject areas.

  • 380,628 periodicals (increasing 761 since June 30)
  • 166,275 titles with A&I coverage (increasing 326 since June 30)
  • 132,956 non-English titles (increasing 341 since June 30)
  • 38,828 refereed publications (increasing 182 since June 30)
  • 9,326 Open Access journals (increasing 344 since June 30)
  • 607 A&I Databases, with 5557 active (increasing 3 since June 30)
15 Aug 2013 | Posted by Susan Presley

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