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Join ProQuest and Resources for College Libraries® (RCL) on Tuesday, September 24 at 11:00 am PDT for a free, hour-long webinar to learn (or hear) about essential qualitative assessment tools that can ensure your collection contains the critical titles for undergraduate research and success.
Our panel will:

  • Introduce you to RCL and Intota™ Assessment.
  • Display how RCL can be leveraged in both the stand-alone database and within the new Intota Assessment service.
  • Illustrate how using Intota Assessment can help you understand how and when your collection is being used.

Now imagine what else you can do with that information!
Let us help you deliver the best resources for your patrons, and help you make collection decisions based on real evidence.  Register Here!

26 Aug 2013 | Posted by Mary Howell

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