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In cooperation with the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL), the Summon Web-scale Discovery service from Serials Solutions will make the vast collections of The European Library and Europeana discoverable in the Summon unified index. 

Summon users will be able to search across hundreds of millions of records from The European Library, an aggregation of collections from 48 European national libraries, as well as Europeana, a repository of digitized assets from across Europe. There are over 350 separate collections in The European Library including treasured materials dating as far back as the 8th century and millions of pages of full text content with resources in at least 35 languages. Europeana currently contains more than 23 million digital objects, from more than 1500 institutions across 33 countries.

The CENL, a foundation under Dutch law, represents Europe’s national libraries and is responsible for the massive collection of publications that represent the accumulated knowledge of Europe.  The conference, which currently consists of 49 members from 46 European countries, recently announced that it had voted overwhelmingly to support the open licensing of their data. (View the full announcement.)

In the past year Summon has delivered groundbreaking full text discovery for HathiTrust collections with a unique match-merge process that links HathiTrust records with local print holdings information to make local print materials full-text searchable. The same match-merge technologies will be applied to metadata records from The European Library which will increase the discoverability of valuable local print materials for all Summon customers.

23 Apr 2012 | Posted by Eddie Neuwirth

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