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Raiola at conference

The South Dakota Library Association (SDLA) Annual Conference (October 3-5) has officially wrapped up giving librarians and library staff new ideas to a take home and share with colleagues.

Serials Solutions supported the conference and made it possible for Joe Raiola, the Senior Editor at MAD Magazine to attend as a keynote speaker. He brought the first amendment to life and discussed the most debated issues of freedom of speech in his workshop, “The Joy of Censorship.” Joe touched on topics such as banned books, movie ratings, the FCC, the Patriot Act, and the true meaning of obscenity. He nd made it possible for Joe Raiola, the Senior Editor at MAD Magazine to attend as a keynote speaker. also provided a colorful history of MAD Magazine.

I joined Serials Solutions earlier this year and attending this conference provided a wonderful opportunity to meet the members of the association and the South Dakota Library Network. ProQuest and Serials Solutions exhibited together – and it was great to meet so many mutual customers. Librarians asked questions about Summon and were really intrigued with the findings of a recent study we conducted about satisfaction of the current ILS solutions. Their comments amplified what we learned and validates that our product strategy for Intota will be another game-changing solution.

To read about the latest insight from our research, go here.

11 Oct 2012 | Posted by Steve Mackey

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