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The Evans Library at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) has been a long-time customer of ProQuest solutions using Summon, 360 Link, MARC Updates and others. With a new director onboard, FIT was looking for ways to modernize the management of their resources and make the library more relevant to researchers by enhancing the value of services and experience for their patrons. That is when they turned to ProQuest.

“The data obtained from Intota™ Assessment will be used to make evidence-based decisions about new purchases and deselections. We will be able to fine-tune our collections to meet the needs of our patrons while maximizing our monetary resources and demonstrating return-on-investment for our collection decisions”, comments Sohair Wastawy, Ph.D. Dean of Libraries.

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The Intota library services platform includes quantitative and qualitative analysis for accurate collection development decisions based on real evidence –maximizing budgets and raising the profile of your library to key stakeholders. Along with Summon and 360 Link - Intota delivers an unprecedented discovery experience that enables easy, efficient, and unbiased access to a library’s collection, while instilling user confidence and trust in the library for all types of users.     

  • Offer a compelling yet simple discovery experience that your patrons expect
  • Gain the best collection coverage through a comprehensive index and Knowledgebase
  • Increase usage of library resources and improve ROI
  • Present relevant results without vendor or platform bias
  • Connect users to librarian recommended resources and improve information literacy

Sohair Wastawy continues, “Intota Assessment provides a wealth of information about our collections that was very difficult, if not impossible to obtain from the different systems we use to manage print and electronic information resources.  Now, with both print and electronic cost and usage data combined in one system, we are able to analyze the strengths and usage of our entire collection across all formats.  The data is easily and quickly gathered from the many available report options. The automatic generation of reports for accreditation organizations will save countless hours of staff time formerly spent running monthly reports in various systems and keeping spreadsheets updated.”

FIT is a private, research institution in Florida with a strong emphases on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Over the last ten years, enrollment at FIT has tripled as they increased their on-line course offerings. The library did not have an electronic resource management system on board and they were impressed by what Intota offered. Implementing Intota Assessment and Intota satisfied many critical needs for assessment and ERM tools and provided the library staff the ability to manage their electronic resources in a systematic way to get valuable usage statistics regarding their collection.

23 September 2014

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