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Scholars can start new year by exploring enhanced interface for one of their favorite research management and collaboration systems

BETHESDA, MD, January 7, 2011 – RefWorks-COS, a business unit of ProQuest, has enhanced the beta version of RefWorks 2.0, the next generation of its web-based research management, writing and collaboration tool. Users can now explore the new look of such popular tools as “RefShare” and the Output Style Editor before RefWorks 2.0’s official launch later this year. In addition, RefWorks 2.0 beta has been updated to adhere to the APA 6th edition requirements and is now compatible with authentication systems Shibboleth and Athens. Users can also preview RefWorks 2.0’s integration with the all-new ProQuest platform.

“We’re excited about every step forward for the launch of RefWorks 2.0,” said Colleen Stempien, RefWorks-COS’ Executive Director of Operations. “Running the beta in tandem with the legacy platform allows our users to preview what’s ahead and prepare for the transition. This is a great opportunity to take a look at the enhancements of some favorites from the legacy platform and how integration with the ProQuest platform will add another layer of efficiency, truly streamlining the workflow.”

RefWorks is a widely popular research tool in use by more than three million scholars, students and faculty worldwide. Its 2.0 version is being developed using an experiential design framework that began with reviewing feedback, analyzing usage habits and conducting surveys of RefWorks users globally. Its new interface focuses on usability and the functional needs of end users, incorporating contemporary design elements to make all of RefWorks’ functions and features easily accessible. Its development has been simultaneous with the all-new ProQuest platform, allowing for seamless links. In the beta version, users can see this in action. For example, citations for subscribers’ findings in the ProQuest platform will transfer seamlessly to their RefWorks account. All users, whether or not they subscribe to RefWorks, will have the ability to use a variety of RefWorks’ output styles for efficient citation development.

RefWorks 2.0 beta has been updated to adhere to the APA 6th edition requirements when more than seven authors are listed. All APA 6th output styles available in RefWorks will now list the first six authors followed by ellipses added after the sixth, and the last author added at the end, when the reference has more than seven authors. The enhanced beta enables user to explore the popular “Output Style Editor,” which enables users to create their own custom output styles---from slight modifications to existing styles to entirely new creations.

RefWorks 2.0 beta also includes a variety of favorite tools that have been redesigned for user convenience in the new interface. “RefShare,” a technology that enables users to share their research data with colleagues all around the world, regardless of whether or not they subscribe to RefWorks, returns in a new updated look. By creating a unique, accessible URL, RefShare allows users to collaborate and share at a personal database level or at an institutional level by creating a page of links to user folders and databases.

During the beta period, both the RefWorks “Classic” and RefWorks 2.0 interface are available, providing RefWorks administrators and users time to familiarize themselves prior to the transition.

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07 January 2011

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