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Serials Solutions’ Web-scale discovery will index data from leading global content provider

July 6, 2009 (SEATTLE) – LexisNexis has joined more than a hundred other content providers participating in the new Summon™ web-scale discovery service from Serials Solutions.  ProQuest and Gale contribute indexing of titles from 4,700 of their participating publishers between them, while LexisNexis, renowned for global information from legal, news and business sources, will enable Serials Solutions to index content from LexisNexis® Academic, LexisNexis® Congressional Digital Collection, and the redesigned LexisNexis® Statistical. The Summon™ service is a pioneer in providing Google-like searching of library collections – from books and videos to e-resources at the article level, integrated and accessible from a single search box.

The Summon™ Service has been in beta for six months and will be available commercially later this month. Research shows that the absence of a simple, obvious starting point for research is a fundamental barrier between libraries and users. This web-scale discovery service overcomes that obstacle: users enter a search term in a library-branded search box and the Summon™ service instantly conducts a single search against pre-harvested content, enabling true relevancy-ranked results in one integrated list. The service provides simplicity for users and exposes the breadth of the library’s content, allowing more resources to be discovered.  Publishers and other contributors have embraced the service for this exposure.

In addition to key content partners ProQuest and Gale, and now LexisNexis, the Summon™ service participants include Springer, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, IEEE, Emerald, Scitation publishers, the Royal Society, scores of scholarly publishers and university presses, and more. The participation of LexisNexis enables discovery of a broader scope of news, business, legal, and historical content, providing an even more comprehensive reflection of the library’s collection.

The Summon™ service was developed in close cooperation with library beta sites—partners in the service’s mission to bring the researcher back to the library and provide a channel for greater return on the library’s content investment. Beta sites include Dartmouth College, Oklahoma State University, University of Sydney, Claremont Colleges Library, University of Calgary, Western Michigan University, and University of Liverpool.

The Summon™ web-scale discovery service is hosted by Serials Solutions. 

About Serials Solutions

Founded in 2000 by a librarian for librarians, Serials Solutions is the global leader in E-Resource Access and Management Services (ERAMS) that serves more than 2,000 libraries of all sizes and types. The Serials Solutions® KnowledgeWorks authoritative e-resource knowledgebase is the foundation for Serials Solutions® 360 e-resource access and management solution, which is the only complete and integrated solution available for libraries.

Serials Solutions also is the exclusive source for Ulrichs™ Global Serials Intelligence and represents the AquaBrowser Library® unified discovery interface in the academic market in North America. The WebFeat® federated search service recently acquired by ProQuest soon will be incorporated into the Serials Solutions family of access and discovery services.

Serials Solutions provides fast implementation, easy customization, and outstanding value to libraries throughout the world.

Serials Solutions is a business unit of ProQuest LLC.

06 July 2009

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