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Matti Shem Tov was named ProQuest Chief Executive Officer in May 2017.

Before his leadership role at ProQuest, Mr. Shem Tov was president of Ex Libris, a ProQuest company. He joined Ex Libris in May 2003 as President and CEO, leading the Company to become a prominent technology provider for academic, national, and research libraries worldwide. Major achievements include extending the Company’s product offerings, transitioning from locally deployed solutions to cloud-based services, and expanding the customer base to more than 5,300 institutions in 82 countries. In addition, Mr. Shem Tov successfully completed the acquisitions of CampusM, a mobile solution for increasing student engagement, and Endeavor Information Systems, a former competitor, leading three acquisition cycles of the company to private equity funds.

Prior to joining Ex Libris, Mr. Shem Tov served as president of Surecomp Ltd., a global software company specializing in commercial banking solutions. In his various roles at Surecomp, Mr. Shem Tov increased worldwide presence and set up a major development center in Israel.

Mr. Shem Tov holds a BA in economics and computer science and an MBA, both from Bar-Ilan University, in Israel.