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Julie Carroll-Davis, Senior Vice President Global Content Alliances, leads ProQuest's global content licensing organization. Ms. Carroll-Davis and her team build profitable, long term business relationships with a diverse range of thousands of content providers from around the world to assemble ProQuest’s immense pool of premium content. These relationships span journal, trade and magazine publishers, newspapers, literary authors, media organizations, governments, NGOs and video producers, ensuring that the content important to ProQuest customers is available across the company’s products.

Ms. Carroll-Davis has built her career in electronic publishing over the last 25 years. She joined ProQuest with the acquisition of Chadwyck-Healey in 1999 and before that held a variety of sales, marketing and product management roles with publishing companies including Pearson, Thomson and U.K. government publisher The Stationery Office.

She has a B.A. from the University of Sheffield.